Steve Williams of review of tape “Tatsuki Narita”

The last several tapes produced by Ed Pong and Ultraanalogue Recordings have just gotten better by quantum leaps. I have always liked Classical music but never in an authoritative fashion. Little by little Ed Pong has gotten to me with the release of his tapes. IMO the last two tapes were probably the best produced by Ed and in fact my good friend Marty was visiting several months ago when I played him one of Ed’s tapes after which he proclaimed it to be the best recording of a violin he has ever heard

Well along comes Ed’s most recent tape that I received several days ago and only today found some time to sit down and listen


Tatsuki Narita is a gifted violinist and in this album he brings his “A”game as always but with a gusto that raised goose bumps on my arms.This album was recorded in studio (I think) rather than in a live session as Ed has done in the past

I can say unequivocally that if you are in to Reel 2 reel this album is not only a must have but for my ears it is truly the best tape I have EVER heard. Period. End of story. This album is so well recorded that I didn’t move for the entire recording.The timber and dynamics are staggering