About UltraAnalogue Recordings

UltraAnalogue Recordings

UltraAnalogue Recordings was formed to record chamber music, in a natural acoustic, with custom tube electronics and analog tape – to allow you to experience the ultimate in recorded sound. Hearing analogue tape will completely change your concept of Hi-Fi sound. The master tape duplicates you receive, all 1/4″, 15-ips 2-track, will be as close as possible to the master tape and when played in a fine system, will bring you closer to the live musical event and allow you to experience the raw emotion in the music.

“…..reference-quality recordings with breathtaking transparency and seemingly perfect tonal balance, and beautiful timbre.”                         Jim Hannon – The Absolute Sound 

These master tape duplicates are recorded on RMG SM900 tape at +4 dB above 250 nWb/m. which equals 396 nWb/m. This will give you the most realistic dynamic range and best S/N ratio possible. The output level of your tape deck must be adjustable and needs to be calibrated to this level to realize the best playback of these tapes. I have recorded a 25 sec track of 1 kHz tone behind the leader to help you calibrate your tape machine. Use this to set the output level of your tape deck to show 0 VU.

I can make you a 250 nWb/m tape, (TapeProject level) if your tape deck does not have an adjustable output stage – please let me know in your order.

This has grown from a love of classical music and analogue vinyl sound. The live sound of beautiful Cremonese string instruments have the ability to move our hearts & emotions. To capture a sound as close to that live event has been the focus of much experimentation with components and parts. To accomplish this, we have kept the signal path as simple and direct as possible – using only 2 microphones and removing as many contact points in the tape recorder as possible. Silver wiring and silver wound transformers are used exclusively throughout the whole recording chain for it’s uncanny ability to produce the most detailed and refined sound. These recordings are basically “live” as each movement is a whole take. There is no signal processing or added reverb – to keep the signal as pure as possible. The microphone preamplifier is a custom design based on the direct heating triode tube WE300B with an WE437A input tube. A pair of unused NOS 1956 WE300b tubes were put into the microphone pre-amp in 2017 which raised the low level detail and naturalness a few notches. In 2022 a pair of NOS 1956 WE437a tubes were also added to the mic-pre which took the timbres, speed of transients and overall naturalness to an unprecedented level. I feel these Western Electric tubes present the most natural sound character with beautiful timbres throughout the audio range.

Just behind this special mic-preamp is a custom tubed record amp for the Studer A80 based on a pair of NOS Bendex Red Bank 6900 tubes. These are truly rare & very special tubes as Bendex made the Red Bank tubes only for the military’s use in ICBM missiles in the 1950s…! There quality was unmatched as they had to withstand the extreme temperatures & vibrations in a ballistic missile…!

In classical music, the performance is everything. In that regard we focus on recording some of the best young international soloists of this  generation. Please see our Sample Videos…


For more information or for general inquiries, please email us at ultraanaloguerecordings@gmail.com