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Reviews of 2 latest tapes by Vadym Kholodenko, Prokovfiev Piano Sonata No.7, Schubert Piano Sonata No.7

By Steve Williams, WBF owner: Things have been quiet for Ed Pong at Ultraanalogue recordings due to the Covid pandemic and only recently did Ed release his latest tapes. I have to admit that I was somewhat reluctant at first hearing only a piano sonata without accompaniment but knowing the quality put into the recording […]

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Positive Feedback – May 1, 2021

Edward Pong Edward Pong is the owner of UltraAnalogue Recordings. Those in the high-end reel-to-reel community will need no introduction to Ed; his stellar RTR recordings are magnificent, and really embody the sorts of audio virtues that audiophiles can appreciate all day long. As a very long-time RTR lover myself, I asked Ed to write […]

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