Digital Downloads Review from Steven Deckart

Here are a couple things Steven Deckart had to say about Ultra Analogue Recordings’ Digital Downloads

A) It’s not a simple file you can click on to hear a sample of the sound quality, but instead you get to add it to the cart, fill out your name and address and then download.  Normally this would be a deterrent to people who have never met you, but having gone through the process myself, it was painless, fast, no credit card information or other crap, just the instant download.

B) Having heard the sample, the above now seems meaningless.  In fact I can publicly state that the Flac file is a demonstration of two things; first it is a demonstration of the silky roundness and smooth palpability that comes with analog, better than you have ever heard most likely because other digital files are not done the same way.  Second, it shatters your definition of dynamics.  It makes everything you own in your digital library sound second rate.

Please for God sakes, download the sample and see if I’m full of crap:  

A lot of people who have never heard Decware think I am, so why not give it a test and see?  I’m telling you, for all you stubborn audiophiles who won’t get into tape, or even in some cases vinyl, this is must have material.  The price tag is a steal and you will not hear digital recordings like this anywhere, trust me.  Most of you would easily hand me $50.00 if I said I can make your digital sourced stereo instantly sound nearly twice as good as you’ve ever heard it, even your iMac on the desktop will get twice as good.  You would say sure, let’s see you do it… here’s $50 bucks.  I take the $50 bucks and hand them a memory stick with the 24 bit Flac files — they plug it in and press play…. 7 seconds later they press pause and say “keep the $50 bucks.”  By the end of the tape their face hurts from smiling so big.

Literally these specific recordings are the best you can ever hear your stereo sound, and I have a nice collection to compare against so I know it’s true.

Steven Deckart