Dave Denyer’s Review: Discovering Alena Baeva – two Schuberts

Dave Denyer from The Reel to Reel Rambler posted a review of two of Ultra Analogue’s Alena Baeva Recordings of Schubert pieces. Here is a short excerpt of the review and a link to read his full review:

“Why, you might ask (and it’s a good question) did I shell out several hundred bucks on TWO Schubert tapes when I wasn’t even a massive Schubert fan? Because, frankly, at this level of sound quality, it’s easy to become a fan of pretty much everything and, scrolling through some of the testimonials on UltraAnalogue’s website, I’m relieved to know I’m not alone in that!

Read the Full Review on The Reel to Reel Rambler

You can take a look and purchase the two tapes mentioned in his review here:

Schubert Rondo Brillant (Live), Rachmaninov Preludes

Schubert Grand Fantasy (Live), Ysaye Violin Sonata No.5