3 New Tapes released!

1) Beethoven Violin Sonata No.3 & Sarasate Zigeunerweisen (Live in concert)
2) Beethoven Violin Sonata No.5 (Spring) & Brahms Hungarian Dances No. 5&6 (Live in concert)
3) Beethoven Violin Sonata No.8 & 2 Encore pieces.. Sarasate Zapateado, Massenet Meditation (Live in concert)
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3 New Tapes released! 24 Paganini Caprices – Live in Concert
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24 Paganini Caprices – Live in Concert

Just released a review of the UltraAnalogue Recordings “Sampler”
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Tape Talk: UltraAnalogue Recordings

I’m very happy to release 2 new tapes by Xiang Yu & Yung-Yang Lee..

Find links to the new tapes below:

Schubert Grand Fantasy D.934, Saint-Saens – The Swan

Beethoven Violin Sonata No.3, Ravel Tzigane

3 New Tapes with Tatsuki Narita & Yun-Yang Lee & Mami Hagiwara (live encores)

I’m very pleased & excited to release my 1st recordings of young Japanese virtuoso violinist Tatsuki Narita with Yun-Yang Lee & Mami Hagiwara. Tatsuki was No 2 in the Queen Elizabeth Competition in 2012 & Mami was the winner of the Geneva International Piano Competition in 2010.

Tape 1: Violin Favourites: Kreisler Prelude & Allegro, Tartini Devil’s Trill, Sarasate Carmen Fantasy
Tapes 2 & 3: Beethoven Violin Sonata No.9, “Kreutzer”, Kroll Banjo & Fiddle, Ponce Estralita, Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody No.2

Click here to watch a video of the Kreutzer Sonata.

Click here to watch a video of the Mami Hagiwara Encores.

F. Mendelssohn – Cello Sonata No. 2 Video Released on Youtube

New Video Released on Youtube

5 New Tapes Released!

I’m very happy to release 5 new tapes from 2 recent recordings sessions:

3 cello & piano tapes with Sietse-Jan & Yun-Yang, and 2 solo piano tapes from Yun-Yang

1) Mendelssohn Cello Sonata No. 2
2) Beethoven Cello Sonata No. 2
3) Paganini Moses Variations, Schumann Fantasiestucke, Chopin Nocturne, Davidov, Joplin

4) Mozart Piano Sonata K.331
5) Verdi/Liszt, Wagner/Liszt Operatic Transcriptions, Bach/Busoni Chaconne Partita No.2

Click here to read a recent post from an AVShowrooms Forum on 2 of these tapes.

Click here to listen to sample sound tracks!

Sampler No.1 Released!
I am pleased to announce the release of a sampler tape to include tracks of violin, cello & solo piano!

Sampler No.1
Passacaglia, Czardas, Cassado-Finale, Liszt-Canzone, Meditation, Rachmaninov-Song

5 new tapes just released !
Beethoven Violin Sonatas No. 5 & 7, together with my 1st solo piano recordings – incredible live recordings by Paris pianist Yun-Yang Lee:
1. Beethoven Violin Sonata No.7
2. The Genius of Beethoven – Romance No.2, Violin Sonata No.5 “Spring”
3. The Genius of Mozart – Adagio K.261, Rondo K.373, Piano Sonata K.330
4. Chopin Ballade No.1 and Liszt Venezia e Napoli
5. Beethoven Piano Sonata No.21 “Waldstein”

2 New All Beethoven tapes released
Released 2 new Beethoven tapes: Cello Sonata No.5 and Piano Trio No.6 (Archduke).

New Sample Tracks Released
Released 2 new sample tracks: Bach Suite #1 Prelude & Cassado Suite for Cello 3rd Mov’t.

New Tape of Solo Cello Released
I’ve just posted a new tape of Sietse-Jan Weijenberg – Bach Cello Suite No.1, BWV 1007 & Cassado Suite for Solo Cello

Jonathan Valin of TAS in July/August 2013
“A chamber music lover’s dream come true, Edward Pong’s R2Rs of fine young musical talents (for example, Rostropovich Competition medalist Sietse-Jan Weijenberg’s Brahms Sonata No.1 is worthy of the late Janos Starker, one of his teachers) are Mercury-like in their presence”

4 New Tapes Released!

I’ve just posted 4 new tapes on the website!

1) The Chaccones – Vitali & Bach Chaccone & Czardas

2) Beethoven 7 Variations on Bei Mannern, Bach Cello Suite No. 2

3) Mozart Duo in G, Passacaglia, Claire de Lune

4) Beethoven Ghost Piano Trio

These feature 2010 Menuhin Winner Xiang Yu, Rostropovich medalist Sietse-Jan Weijenberg & Maria Canals medalist Li Wang

4 New Tapes

I will have 4 new tapes to be released in early June. These will be:

1)Beethoven Piano Trio Op.70 No.1 (Ghost)
2)Mozart Duo in G, Handel-Halvorsen Passacaglia, Debussy Claire de Lune
3)The Chaccones – Vitali & Bach + Czardas
4)Bach Cello Suite No.2, Beethoven 7 Variations on “Bei Mannern”

I’m sorry, but I’ve had to post an increase to each tape due to increased costs of the blank tapes, & reels, packing materials & general costs to make these recordings.

These tapes feature Menuhin Competition winner Xiang Yu, Sietse-Jan Weijenberg & Li Wang

Testimonial of renowned recording engineer Michael Thompson on the recording of Sietse-Jan & Yun-Yang playing Beethoven & Rachmaninov Sonatas
The Overall Sound:
The sound is very smooth and warm but with just the right amount of attack and definition. The low to mid range frequencies have an amazing amount of power and subtlety.

The Recording Process:
The microphone placing is well chosen allowing a beautiful spread and depth of sound and the ideal acoustic can be heard. The monitoring equipment used must be of a high standard to have produced such a well balanced recording.

The Result:
The recording is of such a high quality and well produced that after a few minutes one just forgets it is a recording and listens to the great music making; simply the best recording of this type of music I have heard.

Mike Thompson,
Professional Recording Engineer

Chief Engineer, founding partner of Wessex-Reed Studios, London, UK

New Tape of Double Bass & Cello

I have just posted a new tape of a live recording of the Rossini Duo for Double Bass & Cello and Gliere’s Four Pieces for Double Bass & Piano. This features Jeff Beecher, who tours with YoYo Ma’s Silkroad Ensemble, cellist Rachel Mercer & pianist Vanessa Lee

Jeff plays a 1690 Rogeri bass & Rachel plays the Bonjour Stradivari cello of 1692 – beautiful Cremonese sound!

Xiang Yu Concert Review
I just returned from Xiang Yu’s solo debut in Boston’s Jordan Hall. It was an amazing concert in this historic hall with a beautiful warm acoustic.

Here is the review:

In April, I’ll be recording Xiang, cellist Sietse-Jan & pianist Li Wang in the Beethoven Ghost Trio, along with some other duos…

I hope to have some great tapes for you after…

New Recordings for Cellist Soo Bae
I’ve just finished recording cellist Soo Bae with her beautiful Hymn arrangements. The low level details are amazing!

Please have a look at her website:

A new tape will be available soon!

New tape of Sietse-Jan & Li Wang

A new tape of the Beethoven Cello Sonata No.4 with Chopin Mazurkas Op.24 is now available

The Chopin was a live recording from the summer of 2012.

New tape just released!
The Brahms Cello Sonata No. 1 Op. 38 with Sietse-Jan Weijenberg and Li Wang is now available.

New Recordings for cellist Sietse-Jan & pianist Li Wang

I’ve just finished recording Sietse-Jan & Li Wang in some exciting repertoire.

Beethoven Cello Sonata #4, Brahms Cello Sonata #1, Bach Cello Suite #6 and a beautiful short Kreisler piece.

There are also some Chopin Mazurkas Op. 24 No.1-4 My first solo piano recording

New tapes for these will follow soon!

Sietse-Jan & Li Wang

New tape available now! Allemande from Bach 6th Cello Suite, Vaughan Williams Greensleeves, Piazzolla Le Grand Tango & Popper Hungarian Rhapsody.

The Strad Magazine reviews Sietse-Jan & Yun-Yang CD!
Just out – April 2012 issue of CD reviews: “Young Dutch cellist Sietse-Jan Weijenberg gives a real emotional roller coaster of a reading of Rachmaninoff’s Sonata” “Intensely felt rubato in the first movement lends the cello’s extended notes a feeling of infinite space, and the Andante is played with convincing passion”

“Weijenberg plays a 1707 Guarneri cello with a vibrant, rich tone that adds to the exhilarating opening to the finale.”

Sietse-Jan Weijenberg & Li Wang
New tape available now!

Allemande from Bach 6th Cello Suite, Vaughan Williams Greensleeves, Piazzolla Le Grand Tango & Popper Hungarian Rhapsody

New Recordings for Xiang Yu – Evan Wong – Teng Li coming soon!

I recently recorded last year’s Yehudi Menuhin International Violin Competition winner Xiang Yu with pianist Evan Wong – 2 new tapes will be available soon on this website!

Incredibly beautiful violin playing with repertoire from a Brahms sonata, Chausson Poem to some favourite violin encores – Meditation, Salut d’Amour & a Chopin Nocturne.

Included will be a special treat – the Handel-Halverson Passacaglia with star violist Teng Li – it’s one of my all time favorite duos.

New Recordings for Sietse-Jan & Li Wang Available Now!
Available Now! – New recordings of Dutch cellist Sietse-Jan Weijenberg & pianist Li Wang. Featuring the Allemande from Bach – 6th Suite, Mayuzumi – Bunraku, Piazzolla – Le Grand Tango & Popper – Hungarian Rhapsody. A very rhythmic recording with incredible sounds in the Bunraku for you contemporary music fans!

CD of Sietse-Jan & Yun-Yang playing Beethoven, Chopin & Rachmaninov is now available. This is a DSD transfer from the analogue tapes. Please check the store for pricing including regular airmail shipping to various countries.

Sietse-Jan Weijenberg & Li Wang

I have just made some new recordings of cellist Sietse-Jan with pianist Li Wang. There is, the Bach Allemande from the 6th Suite, Piazzolla le Grand Tango, and Popper Hungarian Rhapsody.

Look for a new tape issue to follow soon!

2 New tapes available!

I have 2 new tapes featuring the 2010 International Menuhin Violin Competition winner Xiang Yu & friends!

1) Violin Encores with Eldon Ng: Elgar-Salut d’Amour, Gluck-Melodie, Monti-Czardas, Bach-Adagio, Chopin-Nocturne, Massenet-Meditation, Williams-Schindler’s List

2) Handel-Halverson – Passacaglia, Chausson – Poeme, Massenet – Meditation with Evan Wong

The 2 Meditations are different recordings, each with it’s special qualities….

CD of Sietse-Jan & Yun-Yang
CD of Sietse-Jan & Yun-Yang playing Beethoven, Chopin & Rachmaninov is now available. This is a DSD transfer from the analogue tapes. Please check the store for pricing including regular airmail shipping to various countries.

Sietse-Jan Weijenberg & Yun-Yang Lee CD
Our 1st CD release with cellist Sietse-Jan Weijenberg & pianist Yun-Yang Lee will be available in early November. It will feature the contents of tape 1 & 2 for SJ & YY. <br>All orders for tape will receive a complimentary CD.(1 per address)

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