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UltraAnalogue Recordings was formed to record chamber music, in a natural acoustic, with custom tube electronics and analog tape – to allow you to experience the ultimate in recorded sound. Hearing analogue tape will completely change your concept of Hi-Fi sound. The master tape duplicates you receive, all 15-ips 2-track, will be as close as possible to the master tape and when played in a fine system, will bring you closer to the live musical event and allow you to experience the raw emotion in the music.

These master tape duplicates are recorded on RMG SM900 tape at +4 dB above 250 nWb/m. which equals 396 nWb/m. This will give you the most realistic dynamic range and best S/N ratio possible. The output level of your tape deck must be adjustable and needs to be calibrated to this level to realize the best playback of these tapes. I have recorded a 25 sec track of 1 kHz tone behind the leader to help you calibrate your tape machine. Use this to set the output level of your tape deck to show 0 VU.

I can make you a 250 nWb/m tape, (TapeProject level) if your tape deck does not have an adjustable output stage – please let me know in your order.

This has grown from a love of classical music and analogue vinyl sound. The live sound of beautiful Cremonese string instruments have the ability to move our hearts & emotions. To capture a sound as close to that live event has been the focus of much experimentation with components and parts. To accomplish this, we have kept the signal path as simple and direct as possible – using only 2 microphones and removing as many contact points in the tape recorder as possible. Silver wiring and silver wound transformers are used exclusively throughout the whole recording chain for it’s uncanny ability to produce the most detailed and refined sound. These recordings are basically “live” as each movement is a whole take. There is no signal processing or added reverb – to keep the signal as pure as possible. The microphone preamplifier is a custom design based on the direct heating triode tube WE300B with an WE437A input tube. We feel these Western Electric tubes present the most natural sound character with beautiful timbres throughout the audio range. For a complete description of the recording and monitoring systems, please check the liner notes for each tape or click here.

Feb 4, 2013 – Mike Thompson on the Beethoven Cello Sonata No.3 – CD
The Overall Sound:
The sound is very smooth and warm but with just the right amount of attack and definition. The low to mid range frequencies have an amazing amount of power and subtlety.

The Recording Process:
The microphone placing is well chosen allowing a beautiful spread and depth of sound and the ideal acoustic can be heard. The monitoring equipment used must be of a high standard to have produced such a well balanced recording.

The Result:
The recording is of such a high quality and well produced that after a few minutes one just forgets it is a recording and listens to the great music making; simply the best recording of this type of music I have heard.

Mike Thompson,
Professional Recording Engineer
Chief Engineer and co-owner Wessex-Reed Studios, London, UK

March 7, 2014 – Steve Deckert on the Beethoven Cello Sonata No.3 – 2 track 15 ips tape
Best recording I’ve ever heard, true. Yes, I’ve heard a lot of recordings limited by the weakest link., and for this tape of yours there were no weak links in our playback chain.
It took listening to the tape 1.5 times to find the best heads, bias and general settings, none of which are what you would expect ,and then we listened to it a final time and it was without question the best sound we’ve heard from a playback system in our entire life.
What pushed your recording over the top was the dynamics and compete lack of distortion during peaks coupled with the other usual things that come with such a fine signal path.

Thanks for doing what you do & doing it so well.

Steve Deckert,
Decware/High Fidelity Engineering Co.
East Peoria IL 61611, USA

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