Recording Chain

I use a pair of Royer 122v tube ribbon microphones with special silver interconnects. These feed a special custom built microphone preamplifier based on 2 of Western Electric’s legendary tubes – WE437a input & WE300b output tubes. This is interstage transformer coupled with no capacitors in the signal path. This mic-pre is magical in its sensitivity and the full timbre and texture of string instruments are resolved in a very natural manner. There is no mixer or subsequent signal processing, so you are hearing the purest signal possible.

WE437A & 300B mic pre-amp
connections for mic-preamp

Western Electric 437a & 300b based microphone pre-amp

Recording SJ & YY
Custom 6900 tube record amp

Recording Studer A80, with Stax Headphones & 6900 tubed record amp

The Studer A80s have a custom record amp based on the 6900 gold pin Bendex tube and the playback amp is again based on the WE437a.

2 studer A80s with tubed record and playback amps, making your duplicate records

2 Studer A80s with tubed record & playback amps making your duplicate tapes

connections between playback record and tub amp

Connections between tubed record & playback amps

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